SOA Writers participate in South Carolina Writing Contest

Ms. DeTiberus took five creative writers to Columbia, SC on Friday, March 17th to participate in the second round of the USC High School Writing Contest.  As first round winners, Bailey Abedon, Malachi Jones, Taylor Kahn-Perry, and Courtney Wickstrom will have their work included in an anthology published by the University of South Carolina Press.  They were invited to tour the campus and library, as well as attend a luncheon and address by SC writers Nikky Finney and Pam Durban.  All finalists then participated in round two of the contest, which was a timed writing prompt.  Winners of this round will receive impressive cash prizes and specific feedback from the esteemed judges.  Please join us in celebrating these accomplishments, and in wishing them the best of luck as we await these results!


For more information, please click here to visit the SC Department of Education’s website.

5 SOA Writers Participate in USC High School Writing Contest

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