We’ll put out a call for volunteers for each event via our Newsletter email list.  If you’re receiving the SOA Creative Writing Newsletter, you should also be receiving the calls for volunteers.  If you’re not receiving these email notices, please contact Joe Kelly (kellyj@cofc.edu).

Below you’ll see descriptions of the various opportunities.  If you have any questions, please direct them first to Booster Club officers, and if we can’t help you we’ll put you in contact with a teacher.  But we’re trying to minimize their extra work, so try us first.

Tee shirts:

Every year, we help the students design and produce a tee shirt for the CW program.  The shirts contribute more to their esprit d’corp than to our coffers–we sell the shirts mostly to pay the production costs.


This event is our big fund-raiser each year.  It consists of a public reading of every students’ work at the Barnes and Noble in Town Centre, Mt. Pleasant.  This year, the event is scheduled for Saturday, November 16th; each grade has a different hour.  (You can look at an account of last year’s WordFest under the Event menu at the top of this page.)  Most volunteers will be needed on the day of the event to help run the reading.


The Creative Writing program sponsors two over-night trips each year:  Lake Logan in the Fall and the Penn Center in the Spring.  We need people to provide snacks for these trips–raise the funds, buy the snacks, deliver them to the creative writing rooms.

Senior Thesis:

One of the high school’s most exciting events late each spring is the Senior Thesis program:  graduating seniors read from their crowning achievements, published in books that readers can buy via Amazon.com.  A lavish reception follows the public reading.  We’d particularly like parents of juniors or other underclasses to volunteer for this event, so that the parents of seniors can enjoy the reception unencumbered.

End of Year Event:

This is a new event celebrating the work of students from all grades.  We’re not sure exactly what the program will look like, so volunteers will help invent.  Part of the work will include the production of award certificates.

Creative Writing Hallway

We’d like to refresh the posters decorating the creative writing hallways.  This work will consist largely of designing the large-format posters (we’ve got a printing process ready to go), framing and hanging.  These posters sport memorable and provocative quotations from student work.

Classroom Support

Help is needed with Mrs. Miles puppet unit and help with journals.  We need assistance with editing and binding books.  Perhaps other things will pop up over the course of the year.

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