by Tess Abedon

What is the other me like?
Last time we met was only in my head.
You took chances, unlike me,
On your bucket list there will be things like,
jumping off a building. Mine,
seeing a spider build a web on a breezy spring day.
Your motto was don’t think, do.
I might as well, life is only so long.

But you had friends at your disposal,
Anything you wanted people competed to help you.
I was surprised by you, you really were so different from me.
You seemed mean,
people would compete to fulfill your any wish.

You were withtout a doubt two right feet.
Next to my awkwardness you were almost
perfect. I know your kind though.
That type of person that lures you in.
Promising that popularity is the key to life.
I knew that in the end, you wouldn’t be my friend,
I’d be yours.

To my Dearest Alter Ego

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