by Maddy Seabrook

God bless America.
God save America.
Rescue us.
Pluck the crumpled dollars
from our sweaty hands.
Open the vaults and let the endless
stream of coins and dollars and checks and bills and invoices
spill out until it’s an empty metallic shell.
Because that is all we’ve become.

Just change the entire flag,
add some khaki green for cash and a plastic
yellow to pair with the red. Make the
stars 58 million “golden” arches,
one for each customer McDonalds
serves daily. Honor the obese,
and let’s lower prices
again and again on
chemical capitalism.

For a melting pot,
we’re unfairly picky about the spices let in.
If the government feels they don’t blend,
oops you’re all deported.
And we can’t have the Chile powder
overpowering the dill.

Let’s start a war,
and use patriotism as propaganda,
and charge billions of dollars
and create a sense of false unity.
Buy a flag, and a solider won’t die.

How have we created a society
where the results of American Idol
share importance with the
assassination of the president?
The media creates every rule.
Not a life style, but a gluttonous
government, worshipping
the plastic mold of Centex houses

and shopping malls.
Where music isn’t music,
it’s synthesized.
Because real instruments
take time and talent
and we don’t have
“nun dat hear.”

We live where our people
hate our leader
because we’re too stubborn
to look past the stupidity
of the masses.
Take the Confederate
flag off your truck
and wash your neck.

So take your
“culture” and grind it through
with a metal pitchfork,
take it back to what we were built
off of, hard work and freedoms.
So destroy our shrines of greed,
and please,
God send down your great metal
ships to help us.
Listen to the independent
cause, there might be some
truth in healing America.

Here’s a story from the Charleston Post & Courier about Maddy Seabrook, who won the award from Scholastic for being the best 8th grade poet in the U.S. in 2011.

Harvesting the Corruption
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