Ashley Prentice, Adagio

Mentor, Susan Finch Stevens  adagio-ashley-prentice-paperback-cover-art

Adagio is a collection of short stories that explores the five stages of grief and how characters progress through different types of loss from the absence of a parent to the loss of a dog. The story “Adagio” for example, is the heart of this collection and follows a mother as she gradually finds her faith after losing her son and moving to Barbados.

Will Dodge, Bathing Before the Thirsty

DodgeMentor, John Thompson

A collection of short stories dealing with the isolation, loss, and joy that comes with everyday life.



Rachel Lechler, All That’s Left to Hold Onto

Mentor, Bryan PenberthyRachel

All That’s Left to Hold Onto is a collection of short stories based on characters and how they either overcome, or live with certain fears: like loneliness, water, rejection, losing love, and more. In the story “By Nightlight,” for example, a young woman experiences terrifying nightmares because of a traumatizing event that happened when she was young.


Corazon Stegelin, Searching for Eureka

corazonMentor, Susan Meyers

Searching for Eureka is a collection of poetry about both self and global perception and discovery. It explores the different forms of human relationships, from lovers to parents to ancestors never met to even the possibility of one day having children, as well as humanity’s place on this globe.


Shelby Studebaker, The Uprisers

Mentor, Harlan Greene

[under construction]


Grace Collins, So It Goes

Mentor, Dennis Ward Stiles



Lily McRae, An Unexpected Inevitability

Mentor, Owen Duffy

[under construction]

Austin Worth, Out There

Mentor, Marcus Amaker  Austin

“Between love and a garbage disposal, young people of all countries have made their choice and prefer the garbage disposal.”  Sometimes experimental, sometimes pedantic poetry about America, the South, the North, the East, and the West.                




Sarah Baxley, Once Fallen

SarahMentor, Beth Webb Hart

In a small Southern town set at the foot of a mountain, the people believe in a strange legend. For every new generation, a “Nephilim” is born among them. The suspected Nephilim, believed to be a Biblical race of half-human, half-angel beings, must bear the consequences of the town’s intolerance while forces unknown to the people work to keep the myth alive. The story focuses on Kale Lewis, this generation’s alleged Nephilim, as he works to piece together the mystery behind the legend and his own past.

Maya Novak-Codgell, Bad News

Mentor, Harriet McDougal Maya

prose and poetry and prose poetry about the pros and cons of breathing







Emily Thomas, A Thousand Years of Light  Thomas

Mentor, Sara Peck

A Thousand Years of Light is a collection of short stories that are full of love and the grief that comes from loving. Based around the loss and shame of a nation, many of the stories indirectly address the Vietnam War – not only the soldiers coming back from war, but what their families were dealing with. This collection faces heartache in a variety of ways such as when a mother buries her daughter’s dog, a young Vietnamese girl’s village is ransacked by American soldiers, and a couple who lives in a house full of trash copes with the death of their son.

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