Dear SOA Parents:

The Creative Writing Department is pleased to announce a major autumn

WordFest: A Celebration of Student Writing
November 10, 2012 at Barnes & Noble, Mt. Pleasant Towne Center

Like last fall, this event will showcase all creative writing students, grades
6-12, in a reading (drop-in format) that will last from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00
P.M. Bring family and friends out to see the students perform poetry,
fiction, scripts, and creative nonfiction pieces they’ve been working on
this semester. Your reader-friendly SOA teachers Rutledge Hammes,
Sean Scapellato and Chief Bard Ms. Miles will be on hand to coordinate
and host the event.

Please save your holiday book shopping, as a percentage of all money
spent on November 10 will help with the purchase of supplies and funding
of programs in Creative Writing—e.g. this year’s fall retreat for upper-
level CW majors, supplemental books for the classroom, and continued
funds for spring literary magazine production. This is undoubtedly our
most important event of the year, so please help by spreading the word and
supporting the Creative Writing Department with your purchases.

The voucher, attached to this letter, allows a percentage of all money spent
to go toward Creative Writing at SOA. Multiple vouchers for friends
and family can be downloaded and printed below. You can also inform the cashiers at the
time of purchase that you’d like to support SOA.

The enthusiasm remains high among the students, and we are sure you’ll
enjoy the activities that day. We in Creative Writing appreciate your

Rene Miles
Sean Scapellato
Rutledge Hammes


9 AM – 6th grade
12 Noon – 9th grade
th grade
10 AM – 7
1 PM – 10th grade
11 AM – 8th grade
2 PM – 11th grade
th grade
3 PM – 12


(click for printable vounchers).

WordFest: A Celebration of Student Writing
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