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Friends and Colleagues:

Last month, we were happy to tell you about the 150 regional awards our writers received from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in New York. This week we learned that eight students have won national distinction.

Savannah Miller, 12 (personal essay, memoir)
Katie Ridgway, 12 (short story)
Sam Rames, 12 (poetry)
Cooper Donoho, 10 (short story)
Maddy Seabrook, 9 (poetry)
Savannah Porter, 8 (short story)
Nicole Sadek, 8 (poetry)
Aurelyn Van Kirk, 7 (poetry)

These students will be invited to attend the award ceremony at Carnegie Hall in June. Scholastic received over 200,000 entries this year and awarded only 1500 national awards. The awards are nearly 90 years old and represent the most prestigious distinction a student can writer can achieve in middle and high school. Past award winners include the likes of Joyce Carol Oates, Truman Capote, and Robert Redford. Obviously, such recognition is a huge deal for these kids.

As if it could get any better, a most special distinction goes to Aurelyn Van Kirk for being named the top 7th grade writer in the United States. Scholastic awards one poetry and one prose “Best in Grade” prize from all students who submit in that grade level. By winning Best in Grade, Aurelyn is literally in the company of one! (Note: last year, Maddy Seabrook won the 8th grade Best in Grade award for her poetry, so SOA has had the top middle school poet in the country two years running now).

Plainly, Rutledge, Rene, and I feel like our work is done here and will retire to the South of France. Please congratulate all these students, and feel free to visit us in Monte Carlo.

Sean Scapellato Offers Congratulations to National Scholastic Writing Award Winners from SOA

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