Penn Center Retreat

9th & 10th Grades

March 2, 3, & 4

March 2

7am                 Depart

8:30 am           Stop at Old Sheldon Church

9:30 am           Arrive at the Penn Center and unpack

10:30 am         Gullah Singer

12 noon           Lunch at the Penn Center

1:00 pm           Tour of Fort Fremont, the Sea Islands and Ghost Tales

6:00 pm           Dinner

7:00 pm           Break

8:30 pm           Campfire & Lowcountry Ghost Stories

10:30 pm         Lights out


March 3

8am                 Breakfast

9am                 Depart for Hunting Island

– forest and beach walk

– climbing the lighthouse

– reflection time and journal writing

12 noon           Bag Lunch on the beach

1:00                 Depart for Beaufort

2:00 pm           Workshop I

3:30 pm           Break

4:00 pm           Workshop II

6 pm                Dinner at Johnson Creek Tavern

8:30 pm           Conference Room

Movie – Four Little Girls


10:30               Lights out


March 4

8am                 Breakfast

9am                 Writing and sharing works

12 noon           Lunch at the Penn Center

1:00                 Pack, clean dorm and load bus

2pm                 Depart

4pm                 Arrive at SOA

PENN Center Retreat Agenda – spring 2016

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