The verdict is in, and 19 of our creative writers have just a grand total of 22 National Scholastic Writing Awards! The majority of these students will be invited to attend this year’s awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall. Please join us in congratulating these amazing students on their accomplishment:

  • Abedon, Bailey
  • Blumer, Caroline
  • Braddock, Eli
  • Hueske, Elliot
  • Jones, Malachi
  • Kahn-Perry, Taylor
  • Kittrell, Kathleen
  • Leiker, Jessica
  • Leonardi, Roey
  • Lewis, Christina
  • Marcoon, Reese
  • McConnell, Molly
  • Palmer, Chassee
  • Pate, Mollie
  • Sadek, Nicole
  • Sambamurti, Vasantha
  • Shelor, Caitlin
  • Siegler, Lucinda
  • Temples, Anna

F. Rutledge Hammes

Beth Webb Hart

Danielle DeTiberus

SOA Creative Writers Break Another Record!!!

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